Born in Los Angeles, CA to an Italian father and Mexican mother, Ms. Gaeta is the oldest of 7 siblings and was forced into a state of leadership and maturity from an early age. She has always loved to learn and found school to be exciting and effortless. She was recognized as being highly gifted early on and continued down the road of advanced and Honors classes with a 4+ GPA.

Always a high achiever, her first job in retail came at an early age and within six months she was promoted to department supervisor. Her leadership and customer service skills quickly developed with intensive customer service training on a weekly basis. Her former supervisor would say “She could sell sand in the desert!” and she enjoyed sales very much, but her true passion was teaching and leading others. Being in charge of training new employees and giving customer service training was her true love.

Always interested in learning more, she decided to go back to school after 12 years in the sales industry to become a dental professional. After graduating she began what was a life changing experience for her and worked for five years as an office manager in a small private office, where she learned that you can make a difference in someone’s life just by being kind, saying good morning, or simply offering a smile.

Ms. Gaeta is excited to be a part of Orion at this point in her life, and she possesses the knowledge and leadership skills to help guide both our staff and our students. She is looking forward to being part of the success and future of each and every one of our students.


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