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Hello my name is Kathy. I am a 17 year-old senior at Orion International Academy. I currently reside in South Los Angeles in a low-income area. Unfortunately, the community around me is filled with gang violence. On a daily basis I see police cars, ambulances, and news reporters reporting every crime that occurred. Seeing these situations happen on a daily make me disappointed. This allows me to think on a daily basis about any possible solution I can create to make a positive change not only in my community, but use it as a catalyst to make positive changes throughout the world. As I think about all the different solutions, my mind is all over the place on what I want to be when I am older. That being said, my main driving factor is helping out many people in every way. In my senior year of high school I have volunteered for community service at The Special Olympics. This experience was able to show many different cultures and how anything is possible no matter the circumstance. Overall, I experience enthusiasm, joy and personal achievement in helping others. I want to be able to do more than this to be able to help out all around the world.

Our school is fortunate to travel to China this spring. This would be life changing for me. You might be asking yourself why? Why China? We are going to be building a library for a small city in China who does not have enough resources. Kids there do not have the kind of education we have in the U.S., with our small change to them it’s a big change and would impact then in a great way.

Although this trip will be amazing, it does come with a cost. I would appreciate all the help you can give in order to make this experience a reality for me. You can be a proud part of our school’s international effort to provide service to families in need by helping us fundraise for the trip.

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