Welcome to Orion International Academy

ORION Summer Camps 2017    CAMPS are FREE this summer!!!


                     Grades 8-12                          TOP OF THE LINE INSTRUCTORS & COACHES

July 3 – July 7                 BASKETBALL (Instructor – Boy’s Varsity Coach & Prior NCAA Player Matthew Fogarty)

July 10- July 14              FOOTBALL (Instructor – Previous NFL Players & Coach Bruce Hooks)

                                            SOCCER (Instructor – Varsity Coach & Prior College Player Ty O’Connor)

July 17 – July 21              BASKETBALL (Instructors – Prior WNBA Coach Laurie Byrd & Previous College Players)

July 24 – July 28            BASEBALL (Instructor – Prior MLB Coach Frank Kremblas)

                                            SOFTBALL (Instructor – TBD)

                                           SOCCER  (Instructor – Varsity Coach & PRO Player Jayro Martinez)

  GOLF (Instructor – PGA Pro Instructor Brian Urban)

July 31 – Aug 4                VOLLEYBALL (Instructor -Varsity Coach & Prior College Player Catrina Warren)

                                              FOOTBALL (Instructor -Previous NFL Players & Varsity Coach Bruce Hooks)

                                              CROSS COUNTRY/TRACK (Instructor – NCAA All American Track & Field Coach Jesse White)

**MONDAY – FRIDAY  9AM-4PM (Lunch & T-Shirt Included for FREE!)             *********NO CAMP on the 4th of JULY!

Please email mmannisto@orionschools.org to sign up for the week(s) that you are interested in attending!!

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