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 Principal’s Welcome


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Our school was founded in 2013 with a vision of offering the highest quality college preparatory education to prepare our students to be the next generation of leaders that will make the world a better place. To make that vision blossom, great care was taken to bring together the finest resources and professionals. The result is a school that is quickly becoming one of the finest international schools in Southern California.

Our curriculum is based on the College Board Advanced Placement standards and is taught through student research and discovery. Each student will be expected to reach the highest possible academic standards through rigorous instruction and generous student support. We take pride in our small class sizes that enable our instructors to tailor the instruction to meet each student’s individual needs and challenge them to perform at their highest levels. With a daily and weekly routine that includes English language arts, mathematics, sciences, arts, social studies, and physical, social, and personal education, we strive to educate the whole child by developing leadership qualities, self-directed learning and an understanding of the world around them. As our learners progress through our courses, they will begin to take responsibility for their own education and become caring, knowledgeable, balanced, courageous, thoughtful, reflective, and principled individuals with an open and inquiring mind, strong communication skills, and a global perspective.

At Orion, every member of our community including our staff, teachers, administration, parents, and students collaborate to make the school the best it can be.

We would be so delighted to have you join our family as it continues to grow and blossom!

Warmest regards,

Marco Vicente Menéndez









Faculty and Staff