Admissions Criteria

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We pride ourselves on providing a high school experience second to none.  Our admission process seeks out motivated, dedicated individuals who have set their sights on completing college graduation.  Our criteria is selective; an interview, testing, strong academic and behavioral records demonstrate the desire to work to your highest potential.  Upon acceptance, students must complete course work of significant depth and breadth in preparation for the academic challenges of college.

Academic performance and strong models of character are part of the whole profile of the applicant. We review these submissions along with teachers’ recommendations, administrator evaluations, parent interview, and student interview.

Consideration for admission is based upon the merits of the application submitted, the interview, transcripts, teacher and administrator recommendations and scores are all evaluated to determine acceptance.

    1. Family Meeting – parents will be asked to attend an interview to introduce the finer points of the program and determine the level of commitment and school support on behalf of the student.
    2. Student Interview & Portfolio Review (bring writing sample, works of art, or other sample that will help get to know him/her)
    3. Administrator Evaluation
    4. Academic and Character Recommendations – One recommendation from each of the following: English Language Arts Teacher; Math Teacher; Community Recommendation (coach, church, volunteer organization, etc.)
    5. Testing – Independent School Entrance Exam
    6. Evaluation of transcripts
    7. Cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher
    8. Student commitment to at least 15 hours of public service each year, once enrolled.   Orion graduation requirements necessitates a total of 60 hours.


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