College Counseling

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Students meet one-on-one once a week with the school Career Advisor to review: transcript verification, application forms, personal statements, recommendations, interview preparation and management of deadlines and associated paperwork. In addition, all Orion students attend two college fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The college fairs have over 50 university and college representatives that can offer the students first hand information about their services, programs, campuses, and application processes. It is an excellent opportunity for the students to begin to select the best university for them.

To supplement the individual services provided to the students, our Career Advisor also teaches courses designed for college preparedness.

College Prep

All Orion students learn about time-management, leadership, and study skills that are necessary to be successful before, during, and after university.


Frequent practice, with specific skills and strategies for the PSAT/ SAT/ACT, increases student motivation and awareness towards successful scores.


We believe that each student’s college search is individual and important. Many resources of the school will be employed in helping students investigate options, and successfully navigate the application process. The ultimate goal in this area, though, is to empower each student to own his or her search. While the college choice and ultimate destination of each student is important, it is our belief that the act of making that choice is equally vital.

Our  students are encouraged to research, visit, and select the schools to which they will make application based on genuine interest and personal “fit.”



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