Charles “Chuck” Moore

Mr. Chuck Moore received bachelor degrees in African History and Ethnic Studies from UC Davis; received his master’s degree in Education from UCLA, along with a Secondary Teaching Credential. Moore is nearing completion of dissertation for doctoral studies in Transformational Leadership (Education). He has served as a high school teacher and as a university lecturer for ten years. While teaching is his true passion, he developed extensive administrative skills at the university level.

Vaishali Rakheja

Mrs. Rakheja, is passionate about teaching Mathematics with a focus on real life applications. Her background in Engineering and Finance give her a unique perspective while teaching High School Mathematics. She encourages her students to achieve perfection not only in Mathematics, but also in any endeavor that they undertake. She is the parent of Aviraj, and Amey who is pursuing Mechanical Engineering. In addition to encouraging students to excel in academics, Mrs. Rakheja promotes a healthy lifestyle by using her free time to bike and hike.

Esmeralda Mamahua


Adam Porpora

I was born & raised in the city of champions, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the Steel City made me a rabid Steelers, Penguins, & Pirates fan. As a kid, I enjoyed playing all kinds of sports, running through the woods, swimming in the city’s 3 rivers, & of course sled riding in the winters.   I moved to California at the age of 20 to attend the University of La Verne. At ULV, I fell in love with education, the open classroom discussions, passionate debates, & quest for knowledge, so I decided to make a career out of it. I studied Education & earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies & a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from ULV. College wasn’t all studies though. I loved the social aspect too. I am a member of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epislon. 

Arvin Ghazarian

Arvin Ghazarian was born in Tehran, capital of Iran. As a kid he was fascinated by science and flight, and dreamed of becoming a pilot. But over time his interest switched from the air to the living world, and he decided to become a doctor. After taking an advanced biology course at high school, he rediscovered his true passion and decided to become a geneticist, despite being accepted to medical school. He graduated from Tehran University, the highest-ranking university in Iran with a bachelor’s degree in cell and molecular biology, and decided to earn a master’s degree in medical genetics. In order to do so, he had to be among the top 3 in a nationwide entrance exam, which he ended ranking second.

Mary Tascanian-Williams

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Master’s in Education and Organizational Leadership ABD in Organizational Leadership "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin My philosophy of education is to empower students with the knowledge to become self-motivated, exemplary citizens, and lifelong learners through a student-centered active learning environment. Higher achievement comes when students are intrinsically motivated and excited about learning.

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