Mission, Vision, and Values

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Orion’s Mission:

Orion International Academy develops young leaders who can transform our world through dynamic change.

Orion’s Vision:

The central intent of the experience at Orion International Academy is to prepare students for college and create global leaders who will lead ethical corporations.

This process entails gaining mastery and command in the traditional academic disciplines, while gaining skills to excel in today’s competitive institutions of higher education.

Orion’s Values & Graduate Profile

Orion International Academy graduates will be:


  • Participate in class by not only asking questions and responding to questions but are able to apply your knowledge and guide and teach fellow classmates about the material.
  • Understand the material and are able to apply what you have learned in other classes and in confronting the real world.
  • Have learned to manage your time in a way that allows for you to participate in outside activities that challenge and benefit your social, community, and academic life.
  • Take notes and do research to extend your knowledge of the coursework. You turn in your assignments and projects in advance so as to receive input from your teachers to improve and extend your knowledge.
  • Achieve a 3.75+ GPA


  • Integrate thinking from most classes. Apply knowledge mastered in one field to enhance learning in other fields and outside of school.
  • Are able to identify all the contexts relevant to the course and subject matter.
  • You are able to identify and address the sources and reasons of potential mistakes/errors and manage to resolve them independently.
  • Challenge yourself in finding the answer to your own academic questions using multiple resources and if not successful, will seek help from the teacher.


  • Inspire and motivate classmates to perform their best on collaborative projects
  • Clearly prioritize, set and monitor goals for class assignments.
  • Go beyond mastery of basic skills to gain expertise in a given class assignment.
  • Take proactive initiative on class assignments by collaborating with peers and teachers to complete tasks with little to or no support and direction from teacher.
  • Take initiative to identify and solve school-wide issues by collaborating with peers and staff through the use of a wide range and variety of communication tools.


  • Are an expert in the use of communication tools from speech to paper to technology.
  • Communicate through clear articulation of speech, with charisma, confidence, command of audience, appropriate voice level and with no distractions.
  • Communicate through technology, for example: WeChat, email, PowerPoint, Publisher, podcast, Weebly, YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Orion website, and Edmodo, Zoom, telephone, and Microsoft 365 tools.


  • Paper and technology to communicate daily. You use 9 forms of communication to complete projects.


  • Lead teamwork, communicate roles, and maintain accountability for all group members through multiple forms of communication.


  • Are confident in your unique perspective, and positively participate in your community.
  • Also encourage all students and staff.
  • Not only acknowledge and respect diversity, but you take initiative to learn and share about those differences.
  •  Reinforce positive action in negative situations.
  •  Participate in projects outside of school in the local community that show positive change.
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