Summer Aviation Camp

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Summer Aviation Camp 2017

July 8-12

A week-long day camp at Chino Airport serving grades 8-12

Orion International Academy is proud to offer Southern California’s top Aviation Camp offering state-of-the-art equipment and technology, top quality instructors, and private facilities at the Chino Airport. Students in this program will learn about basic flying principles, constructing and maintaining airplanes, various career paths in aviation, and how to get a pilot license!


Work with real airplanes!

FAA Certified Instructors for Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Instruction

Students will learn about the exciting technology and equipment used to build airplanes. Then they will use that knowledge to build model airplanes that will fly by remote and compete with their peers in our Model Airplane Flight Competition!


Learn principles of flight!

 Covering Basic Flight Simulations, Weather Conditions, Take off & Landings, Emergency Maneuvers and much more!

Students will be given an introduction to everything a pilot needs to know to fly a plane. In addition, they will learn about the network of support a pilot needs from the air traffic control people to the highly trained aircraft maintenance technicians. Students will get an idea of what it takes to pursue the wide range of aviation careers.


Take a ride in a luxury plane!

We own several planes including a Cessna C172, a Piper Cherokee PA-28, and a Boeing 727!

Our students will get to explore these planes inside and out. They will see the differences in size and equipment and what that means for flying each unique type of aircraft.








Students will get to fly a real plane with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor!



Program Schedule


$250 for the program + $50 registration


Call 909-655-7220 for more information!



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